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  1. Vincenzo Di Leo says:

    I can only say thank you, thank you, thank you!
    After over a year of pain and suffering due to serious spinal problems and various useless therapies, Dr. Capuano was able to identify my problem. His evaluation led to my surgery, and now I am enjoying life again. Thank you again Christian.

  2. Elisabetta says:

    A great doctor and friend. A kind and highly trained professional.

  3. Isabella says:

    I will start with a huge THANK YOU… And this is just the beginning of a long list of positive adjectives describing a special doctor. He was such a help in resolving my husband’s serious problem, a fractured spine at level L1-L4, which caused him severe pain, and kept him from doing simple daily activities. Dr. Capuano’s advice was to start with oxygen-ozone therapy treatment, because my husband has a number of serious pathologies. After 8 sessions, the pain faded, but was not resolved… After evaluating the situation, Dr. Capuano said that the next step, which would solve the problem and have immediate effects, was a radiofrequency treatment in a day-hospital. The results have been surprising; the pain has lessened by 80%. Now, my husband is fine and he has resumed his daily activities (3 months have passed). What else can I say about Dr. Capuano, about this man who follows every patient with a unique kind of compassion, which is, in my opinion, quite rare in this field. I also want to add a huge THANK YOU to Marinella, who was always available and thoughtful…

  4. Cristiano Mengano says:

    A doctor of immense knowledge and great ability. But above all, he is a humble person, who is always available to talk with and explain everything clearly to his patients. I found him extremely straight-forward. He is very well-informed in the many aspects of his field.

  5. Maria says:

    After being stuck in bed due to a back crisis several times, and feeling desperate, I followed the advice of my physiotherapist, who strongly suggested that I contact Dr. Capuano about my situation. Initially I was sceptical, because in the past I have contacted other specialists in the field, but very long waiting times and mind-boggling fees for a minute-long visit in their offices (while standing up!), had seriously discouraged me. Then, after yet another period stuck in bed I decided to immediately contact the doctor. I found Dr. Capuano very accessible, courteous and above all very human, which frankly is something that is lacking in this field. He explained how ozone therapy worked and together we decided how to proceed. After just a few sessions I am feeling much better. Thank you doctor for your professionalism and the competence you clearly demonstrate, qualities that are supported by the clear passion you apply to your profession. Thank you for the many times you invited me to contact you if I needed to, and for all the times you put me back on my feet. Thank you for having contacted my physiotherapist personally, so that I could benefit the most from the work you both do.
    Thank you so much!!!

  6. Pina says:

    I am very happy with Dr. Capuano – both for the treatment I received and the clear explanations he has provided about my situation. I highly recommend him. He’s an excellent doctor.

  7. Matteo Capitani says:

    I am 32 years old and have suffered from severe back pain for 5 years. One day, a friend recommended Dr. Christian Capuano to me. With a little bit of scepticism and some fear about undertaking my umpteenth useless attempt at finding relief, I decided to make an appointment in his Como office. After a first visit and MRI, the doctor suggested I do oxygen-ozone therapy to see if my situation could be resolved in this way; if this were not the case he believed I would need an operation – specifically L4-L5 lumbar arthrodesis, vertebral decompression and L4-L5-S1 stabilisation. So, I had oxygen-ozone injections starting in March 2018, with a more or less weekly frequency, until June 2018. In July, it became clear: the treatments had helped, but not completely cured, my problem, so it was necessary to proceed with the operation. Honestly, how did I feel about this? I didn’t see a better solution, as I was tired of living with pain and not even being able to ride a bike, so… I trusted in Doctor Capuano who, until now, has been a totally reliable, competent, and understanding doctor. He also assured me he personally would operate on me. To prepare for the operation, I worked with the physiotherapist in order to strengthen the muscles around the lumbar area and improve my post-operative recovery.
    Finally, the day of the surgery arrived and on July 2, 2019, I was admitted to the clinic in Bra (CN) where Dr. Capuano and Dr. Carnini would perform the operation. My surgery was scheduled for July 3. That morning, at 7:00 am, Dr. Capuano came to my room to explain the surgery and review my exams. He assured me that the day after the operation I would be back on my feet.
    Everything went as planned. They took me back to the room and the doctor assured my family that the operation had gone well. I had some pain in the immediate post-surgery hours, but was very well cared for by the nurses. The next day at 8:00 am the doctor came to visit me and got me back on my feet… yes, the day after the operation, less than 24 hours after surgery, I was already back on my feet. He walked with me in the corridor and I took my first steps. My legs felt free, unencumbered and it didn’t seem real to me … Although I felt a bit uncoordinated, I understood I now needed to practice walking. Perhaps the operation was the only solution…
    The next day I walked down the corridor, to the bar, and felt more and more in control. The doctor had returned to his office in Como, but remembered to call me to see how I was doing. On July 5, I was discharged and given a painkiller for the journey. After a couple of hours in the car I was home. As soon as I entered the house, I received the Doctor’s call asking how the journey had gone. Where do you find DOCTORS like this??? He treated me like a brother – not just as a patient. He has extraordinary skills and a humanity that is rarely found in hospitals today, places that should be characterized by this.
    In the following weeks, I returned have my sutures removed and at the end of August I will do physiotherapy to start moving correctly again. For now, I am on bed rest and can do almost everything, except lifting weight or sport.
    I think my words attest to how competence, professionalism and above all humanity, really make a difference… THANK YOU DOCTOR!!!

  8. Luca says:

    My name is Luca Pozzi. I have been Dr. Christian Capuano’s patient for about three years. God bless the person who advised me to contact Dr. Capuano three years ago!
    Although I could just limit myself to thanking him for being the outstanding person and professional that he is, and compliment his unmatched staff (a statement that is based on much experience), I would like to go further, and explain what I have experienced over these years. The various staff members have always been rich in compassion and professionalism. Marinella stands out for her competence, and for being able to put you at ease even in the worst of situations. Her smile she conveys friendliness and warmth. Andrea, the office physiotherapist provided targeted and effective physical therapy. Although I have had little contact with Dr. Carnini, it was enough to understand he is an excellent doctor, both on human and professional levels.
    The thing that I will always carry in my heart and that I share with everyone when they ask how I am now, how the operation went, and my overall feeling about the experience, is that I feel that 30% of my recovery, new life and the successful outcome of the treatments and operation, can be attributed to Dr. Christian Capuano’s way of being with and relating to his patients; upon entering his office one feels welcomed as an individual and not as a “problem” to be solved. The rest of his success, obviously, is based on his skill, meticulous preparation, education and training. All these qualities, along with his passion for neurosurgery, combine in creating his special way of practicing his profession. I believe that the world would be a much better place if there were more doctors like him.
    Today, a few days after the operation, I am enjoying a life free of physical pain, which often was emotional and psychological as well. I hope I have been able to express my gratitude for this man, who placed his gifts at my disposal, and who gave me the opportunity to continue on my journey without suffering… Thanks Christian!
    P.S. As we agreed, I plan to enjoy a Mojito, while paddling on a kickboard in deep water in the sea!

  9. Caterina Birollo says:

    After months of pain, painkillers and trying ozone therapy without any relief and continuous worsening of my symptoms, I turned to Dr. Capuano. His name was mentioned by some physiotherapists I know, and being a health worker as well, I thought, okay… if everyone has such a good opinion of him, why not give him a try?
    As soon as he saw the MRI, he explained that the only way to solve my problem was to have surgery. In the meantime, he changed my medicine and added ozone therapy (I had a very bad memory of the treatment… but with his office it was practically painless). The pain decreased with the injections.
    I was operated on, while awake, including a herniectomy, foraminotomy and interspinous stabilization, at the Eporediese Clinic in Ivrea. The pain that had tormented me for months disappeared immediately after the operation, and I’m now improving every day.
    I would like to emphasise Dr. Capuano’s professionalism as a surgeon and his humanity as a doctor… he is empathetic and attentive.
    I also want to thank all of the staff at the clinic, including Dr. Carnini, and especially Marinella (a woman who is always available, even though she is very busy and never has a break).
    Unfortunately, I have been forced to confront the reality of hospitals and surgery from the point of view of the patient, and I wish I could say I’ve always been treated so well.
    Thank you so much,

  10. Vincenzo says:

    Good afternoon. My name is Vincenzo and I am 73 years old. After months of pain in my back and taking many medicines I decided to contact Dr. Capuano about trying the therapies he offers.
    I started out receiving oxygen-ozone injections and continued for 3/4 months. The pain decreased, but only partially.
    Subsequently, following the doctor’s advice, I decided to undergo an operation for spinal decompression and stabilization, while wake; initially I was hesitant because of my heart problems but Dr. Capuano managed to reassure me and there were no complications.
    The operation was performed at the Bra clinic (Cuneo) by Dr. Capuano and Dr. Carnini.
    The surgery went very well.
    I am happy with the results and also want to thank Marinella, who has always been available and helpful.
    Thank you so much.

  11. Rocco Mercuri says:

    Good evening. My name is Rocco and I am 48 years old. After many months of pain in my back, and taking many different medicines I was desperate for relief. I decided to contact Dr. Capuano.
    My therapy included oxygen-ozone injections for 3 or 4 months. My pain lessened, but only partially.
    Then, upon the doctor’s advice, I decided to undergo an operation for spinal stabilisation. At first I was hesitant because of my heart problems, but Dr. Capuano managed to reassure me and there were no complications.
    The operation was performed at the Eporediese clinic in Ivrea by Dr. Capuano and the very professional Dr. Carnini.
    The surgery went well and without any complications.
    I am very pleased with the results. I would like to thank all of the staff, especially Marinella, who was always available and helpful.
    That’s all I want to say… thanks again from the bottom of my heart.

  12. Nadia Baldini says:

    My name is Nadia Baldini. I have been in the care of Dr. Capuano for several months for back and knee problems.
    I have always found, in addition to high level of professionalism, a staff that is always available, friendly, ready to put me at ease and to advise me wisely.
    I was operated by Dr. Capuano, and both pre- and post-operation, I was treated very well, professionally and with perfect care.
    I recommend this this sensitive and attentive doctor to anyone who is looking for a solution to their back problems.

  13. Rita Mascetti says:

    Professionalism, competence, precision and availability… are some of the many qualities of Dr. Capuano and his staff.
    Moreover, always being greeted cordially and with a smile are human qualities that are always appreciated.
    Thank you!!
    Rita Mascetti

  14. Melissa Rigamonti says:

    Hello everyone, my name is Melissa Rigamonti. I am 34 years old.
    I went to Dr. Capuano almost by chance. I had been undergoing treatments of all kinds for months, including injections of Muscoril and even cortisone – with no results.
    The pain did not lessen, on the contrary, it increased.
    So, on the advice of a friend, I made an appointment with Dr. Capuano.
    After having analysed my MRI, the doctor’s diagnosis was degenerative disk disease between L5-S1.
    Immediately, upon advice from the doctor, I decided to do therapy before undergoing an operation. The therapy consisted of sessions of intramuscular oxygen-ozone treatments.
    By doing this, my operation was put off for 2/3 years. The oxygen-ozone treatments helped me limit my medicine intake and above all to deal with stressful work situations, including a lot of travel.
    In the end, as expected, I could no longer put off the operation.
    I could no longer tolerate the pain, and for a sportswoman like me, being “blocked by pain” over and over again was no longer acceptable.
    On 14 June 2019, I had surgery for spinal decompression, TLIF and stabilisation with L5-S1 with insertion of screws and bars.
    The operation was performed at the Ivrea Eporediese clinic by Dr. Capuano and his highly competent associate Dr. Carnini.
    The operation went very well, without problems. I was discharged as planned and walked out on my own two legs.
    In the clinic, the nurses helped me to stand up the day after my surgery.
    I feel compelled to write a few words about the people who have helped me, both physically and emotionally.
    First of all, Dr. Capuano. I immediately appreciated his frankness, confidence and empathy.
    He completely understands your fears, thoughts and doubts – and manages to put you perfectly at ease with jokes, even when you are facing a difficult situation.
    He is an exceptional, competent and well-prepared doctor. I couldn’t have ended up in better hands!
    The hospital stay went very well. The staff was always available and very polite. The clinic is very clean and well maintained.
    Dr. Carnini, who I only met during my 3-day hospital stay, proved himself to be a wonderful person, who was always helpful, always present (he passed by several times a day to check on me) and professional. I also thank him very much.
    And as for the amazing Marinella, she was always smiling and was willing to try to set up appointments at impossible times, after my work day!
    Finally, almost one month after the operation, every day I see some progress (lacing up my own shoes, bending over a little bit more, going back to driving…). From the very first days post-op I have been able to alternate short walks with rest… and now am able to walk a few kilometres.
    Today I start physiotherapy and I am confident I will get better and better!
    There is some pain, there is no denying it, but I can assure you that I made the best possible choice in choosing Dr. Capuano!
    As Dr. Capuano said on Friday, he has done his best, and now it’s up to me to recuperate fully with a lot of determination.

  15. Marco says:

    Hi everyone. My name is Marco. I am 57 years old and had 2 spinal operations for a L4-L5 herniated disk, over two year’s time. Five years after my surgeries the problem presented again, but this time the diagnosis was vertebral collapse and spinal stenosis. I suffered from constant pain in my spine and along my left leg.
    With recent exams in my possession, I went to see Dr. Capuano, on the advice of a friend who was already his patient.
    The situation seemed very delicate. As preparation for the operation he had me do oxygen-ozone intramuscular therapy to tone the muscles, and then do physiotherapy with Andrea. The surgery was performed by Dr. Capuano and his associate Dr. Carnini at the Bra clinic, with excellent results. The day after the surgery I was surprised to be able to walk without problems – and without the old leg pain.
    Infinite thanks to Dr. Christian Capuano for the excellent work, his professionalism and the great humanity he has showed towards me and those around me. Thanks also to Marinella for her interest in my case. I also want to thank Dr. Carnini, and Andrea, the physical therapist.

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