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Medical Office

We specialise in spinal column pathologies and the study of bio-mechanics, including postural and manual evaluations, in order to determine personalised rehabilitative programmes.

When aspecific back pain is present, prevention is extremely important. The patient is expected to be an active participant throughout the clinical exam process and in the choice of adequate therapy, depending upon the many factors contributing to the origin of back pain. All treatments are performed in the exclusive interest of the patient, who must be kept informed during all phases of therapy.

All vertebral pathologies require careful consideration of the diagnosis and treatment options in order to guarantee the best possible quality of life for the patient.

My extensive experience and continual professional study at highly regarded institutes, allow me to ensure patients the best results for their wellbeing.

Studio Christian Capuano - Spine Health - Como

Staff and consultants

I am pleased to collaborate with esteemed and dedicated associates who put patients’ needs first, and who value their personal professional development in important international settings.

Francesco Carnini Chirurgo

Francesco Carnini


Surgical Staff

Fabio Capuano Cardiochirurgo

Dr. Fabio Capuano

Heart Surgeon


Gianluca Cusmà Ortopedico

Gianluca Cusmà

Orthopaedic Surgeon

Specialised in Hip and Knee Prosthetic Surgery

Deborah Tognozzi Nutritionist

Dr.ssa Deborah Tognozzi

Biologist Nutritionist

Riccardo Bocca Fisioterapista

Dr. Riccardo Bocca

Physical Therapist


Gianpiera Secotaro Infermiera professionale

Gianpiera Secotaro

Professional Nurse


Marinella Mancuso Segretaria

Marinella Mancuso