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Rigenerative Medicine and Anti-aging

Rigenerative medicine and anti-aging is a branch of medicine aimed at generally improving one’s well-being and potential. These therapies use biological stimuli consisting of a slight physical-chemical stress and adjustments to the circadian rhythms – to which the body adapts by reacting with an improvement and strengthening of various physiological functions. Some examples are; systemic intravenous oxygen-ozone therapy and IV THERAPY (the international denomination). The latter is a systemically practiced infusion medical treatment, based on restoring the optimal level of nutrients which support the body’s natural self-healing processes, and which provide the patient with vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino acids in order to tonify and regenerate the body; this therapy originated as a health trend in California about ten years ago and has spread throughout the United States and Europe in recent years.
The purpose of systemic therapy
Systemic therapy can be employed in many situations; for pathological conditions, as therapeutic integration, or for anti-aging or wellness, depending on the patient’s state of health. Systemic therapy bypasses the gastrointestinal tract and the substances introduced into the body enter directly into circulation; as such, they are more bioavailable (more easily absorbed).
ANTI-AGING is intended as a preventive strategy aimed at limiting the accumulation of cellular damage in the body. The therapeutic programs focus on the association of exclusive medical treatments which are extremely effective in; improving the metabolism and general energy levels; in optimizing the quality of sleep; and, generally boosting the mental and physical performance of the individual.

All of the preparations are Galenic medicines which have been exclusively formulated by a pharmacist in a specialized laboratory and not by industrial methods.

Examples of pharmaceutical formulas
Infusion therapy/IV therapy consists of the intravenous administration of solutions which contain selected, specific active ingredients.
Systemic treatments are a medical procedure aimed at nourishing the body with nutrients, vitamins, amino acids and minerals, improving general health and well-being, increasing energy levels and providing powerful anti-aging effects.
Infusion therapy heightens the immune system’s response and helps prevent disease.

The infusion ‘cocktail’ aims specifically at increasing the immune system’s response in order to defend and fortify the body against external agents.

In recent months, proven data has emerged from reviews of international scientific literature regarding the after-effects on people who have tested positive for COVID 19: The many pathogens and stressful factors of a psychological nature that are encountered are capable of lowering our immune system’s defenses.

Advantages include:
The complex characteristics of the preparations and their quick absorption into the system are advantageous because the gastro-intestinal digestive tract reduces the percentage of nutrients available.

Unlike orally administered medicines, which must pass through the digestive and metabolic systems, during infusion therapy substances enter directly into the bloodstream, ensuring a very high absorption rate.

The absence of waste makes systemic therapy a very efficient way of delivering vitamins, supplements and essential nutrients to the body. Several factors affect our body’s ability to absorb nutrients in the intestine. These factors include age, metabolism, health status, genes, interactions with other orally consumed products, and the physical and chemical composition of the nutritional supplement or food.

There are many diverse and versatile formulations specifically created for a wide variety of different needs; to increase energy, relieve pain, help detoxify the body, strengthen the immune system, regulate the metabolism and hormones, improve physical and mental performance, and reduce anxiety and stress.

Infusion therapy helps to maintain balance in the immune system.

For athletes, injection therapy provides rapid and complete rehydration after intensive training. It quickly restores electrolytes and nutrients naturally lost during exertion, helps keep athletes at peak physical performance, reduces post-workout fatigue, shortens recovery times, increases overall performance by helping the body maintain optimal levels of vital nutrients, maintains muscle structure and integrity, helps rapidly remove free radicals and toxins naturally produced by the body during workouts, and increases endurance and ability to exercise.

It is a personalized pharmaceutical formula which is immediately 100% effective.

Each formulation is personalized according to laboratory analysis and the specific clinical condition of each patient.

• The Myers Cocktail is a formula which has been used for many years in specialized micronutrition clinics. Infusion therapy consists of the systemic administration of solutions that contain specific and carefully selected active agents.

There are many targeted therapeutic formulations which provide the complete vitamin B and C complexes; they are rich in calcium and magnesium, essential amino acids, inositol, choline, and they include many other trace elements, in order to restore these nutrients and to counteract physical and mental fatigue.

• Therapy based on Glutathione provides the most powerful antioxidant to our body – and combines with its detoxifying and energizing action.

• Administration of antioxidants, vitamins, nutrients, and micro- and macro- elements.

Some of the uses of Systemic integrative and regenerative therapy:
• For anxiety and mood disorders
• To improve athletic performance
• For pain reduction and to enhance muscular resistance
• For acute infections
• To combat fatigue
• For hydratation
• For the integration of nutritive substances
• To reinforce anti-aging
• For sexual dysfunctions

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