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  1. Daniela Fumagalli says:

    Heartfelt thanks to Dr. Capuano!
    I had been suffering from back pain for two years. Finally, I had an operation two months ago – osteo-ligamentous decompression of the spinal canal, foraminotomy L5-S1, and lumbar arthrodesis with the interposition of an intersomatic cage – and now I have no more pain; my quality of life has changed for the better.
    I was very afraid of the post-operative period and of suffering from a lot of pain, but Dr. Capuano reassured me, and he was right. Thanks to his expertise and technique, I understood right after the operation that the post-operative course would be quick and painless. I started walking the day after the operation and my muscles reacted well. I advise everyone to fearlessly trust the skills and experience of the doctor.

  2. Davide Mongelluzzo says:

    In April of 2022, after various appointments with and treatments by so-called specialists, which did not resolve my problems, I had a stroke of luck and met Dr. Capuano. He immediately diagnosed me with C5/C6 cervical spondyloarthrosis complicated by foraminal stenosis on the left side (which was further complicated by kyphosis). This condition greatly limited many of my movements and I had very severe pain.

    Starting from the first appointment, Capuano proved himself to be a true professional and explained the situation to me in great detail. He reassured me about the operation – that he then carried out masterfully – stating that he assumed full responsibility for the results.

    On 25 October I was operated on at the Villa Berica Clinic in Vicenza. I have already started doing the physiotherapy which will allow me to regain all my former functions.

    I would also like to thank the doctor for his kindness – he called my sister as soon as the operation was finished in order to reassure her, and even let me greet her when I woke up.

    A heartfelt thanks also goes to the staff at the Como medical office and to all the very patient and professional staff of the Villa Berica Clinic.

    Thank you, thank you, and thank you again Christian.
    With a big hug,

  3. V. Mele says:

    I have been suffering from back pain for years due to degenerative disc disease that has been confirmed by various diagnoses and exams. As a result, having reached the age of 81, I was convinced that for my remaining years I would have to live with a persistent, not acute, but widespread malaise. My only option was to take pain medication as needed, after trying everything from orthopedists, physiatrists, physiotherapists and pain therapy.

    I believed nothing worse could happen to me… but, unfortunately, I had to admit that there was something worse. In fact, in March of this year, as I was getting out of bed one morning, I suddenly felt severe back pain and a pain that ran down my right buttock and leg to my foot. I had to double over in order to move, and had to resort to opioid medications to dull the pain and do the essential minimum.

    I thought of going to a neurosurgeon from Milan’s prestigious Galeazzi or Humanitas Clinics, but then, I was given the name of Dr. Capuano by an acquaintance (Capuano is well-spoken of…). I decided to turn to him.

    At the first visit, after viewing the lumbosacral MRI and an X-ray in the prone position, he made his diagnosis: degenerative L4-L5 anterolisthesis complicated by stenosis of the vertebral foraminal canal on my right side.

    After having unsuccessful conservative therapy, surgery became necessary. On 6 September I had surgery, using the microsurgical technique. The surgery included extensive decompression of the spinal canal, a foraminotomy at levels L4-L5, and interspinous lumbar arthrodesis.

    The surgery was completely successful; so much that the following morning Dr. Capuano was already in my room asking me to get up and take a few steps, and to try some stairs. It didn’t seem real to me that I could stand on my own two legs just a few hours after surgery. In fact, after 2 days I was home, and 2 weeks later I started physiotherapy with Dr. Soraya. Now, after 2 months, I have resumed an almost normal life.

    I thank Dr. Capuano with all my heart; he is an excellent surgeon and specialist in his field, but what I most admire about him is his humanity, his warmth, and even more importantly, the serenity he transmits to his patients.

    Also, thanks to the staff of the Como office for their helpfulness – and to the nursing staff of the Villa Berica Clinic – they were so kind and patient.

  4. Paolo says:

    There are no words to describe the genius and immense skill of Prof. Capuano! Where others give up… he finds solutions and restores happiness and hope to those who have lost them! I will always be grateful to Dr. Christian Capuano for having solved my spinal problems. Keep up the great work!

  5. Anna G. says:

    Good evening,
    My name is Anna and I’m 57 years old. For many years I have suffered from low back pain due to degenerative disc disease and scoliosis resulting in sciatica, and for about 7 years I have been under the care of Dr. Christian Capuano. He has deep knowledge of science, exceptional professional conduct, humanity, sincerity and honesty.

    Over the last five months, my low back pain was worsening; radiculitis on my right side emerged, and it was unresponsive to pharmacological therapies. In fact, after having a lumbosacral MRI, I was diagnosed with L4-L5 listhesis that was complicated by expulsion of the S1 disc. You can imagine the pain I had to endure, as I was forced to lie on my back on the sofa… this was the only position in which I felt better. I was unable to sit, walk, cough and was even forced to curb my sneezes (to avoid seeing stars!). What can I say… it was a hellish summer!

    Finally, on 2 October I was admitted to the Villa Berica Clinic in Vicenza, and on 3 October I underwent surgery for extensive decompression of the spinal canal, L4-L5 arthrodesis and had a herniectomy on vertebra S1.

    The day of the surgery, just before going under, Dr. Capuano came to shake my hand and gently reassure me that I would wake up seeing his face, and that everything would be fine.
    Dr. Capuano is such a gem… he notified my family members that all was well directly from the operating room at the end of each single part of the surgery.

    Because I am a nurse, I was well aware of the operation I was about to undergo, yet I was always calm because I immediately trusted Dr. Capuano. I felt sure about entrusting my care to him and to his surgical team; Dr. Carnini, the anesthetist, stroked my forehead as I drifted off and the nurses and other staff were also very kind.

    The day after the surgery, Dr. Capuano removed my bandages and helped me put on my pajamas and gym shoes. Then, hand in hand, he accompanied me in my first steps, without a brace or other aids, after two months of being unable to walk… He asked me how I felt… My answer was that I felt like I was walking on clouds! There was no more pain!

    Now, 10 days after the surgery, I feel like I have been reborn… My full recovery is not around the corner, but I am confident in Dr. Capuano’s care. I’m sure I will get better and better, and in the end will be stronger than before.

    Sincere thanks to the staff in Como and in Vicenza! They too deserve credit for my great results. And finally, thank you doctor for the love and dedication with which you carry out your precious work!

  6. Paolo Pietroni says:

    Hello everyone, my name is Paolo. I went to Dr. Capuano’s office last March for a cervical spine problem. I immediately felt confidence in him and appreciated his frankness in describing my problem. After attempting to resolve the problem with oxygen-ozone therapy, he informed me that the only way to solve my problem – C4-C5 spondylouncoarthrosis complicated by forminal stenosis – was surgery. I accepted his opinion without any doubts.
    My anterior and posterior circumferential arthrodesis surgery was performed on 12 September 2022 in Vicenza at the Villa Berica Clinic. It was a perfectly successful operation.
    My compliments go to Dr. Christian Capuano for his professionalism – but mostly because of his compassion towards patients – he informed my family members that all went well immediately after the surgery – and in pampering and reassuring patients after their operations.
    A further round of applause for Dr. Capuano, but also for the very helpful and kind nursing staff of the Villa Berica Clinic. Thanks also to the staff of the Como office who were always very helpful and kind as well.

  7. Francesco says:

    My name is Francesco and I am 54 years old. I was operated on a few days ago at the Villa Berica Clinic in Vicenza by Dr. Capuano. The absolutely successful operation was an anterior C4-C5-C6 arthrodesis.
    I am very satisfied with the results of the surgery, and I thank the doctor for his professionalism and competence, as well as for his kind emotional support.
    Furthermore, I want to thank the staff of the Como office and of Villa Berica for their helpfulness and kindness during my convalescence.

  8. Antonietta says:

    My name is Antonietta. My surgery to resolve a condition of tight stenosis, which had turned my life into a nightmare, was on 3 September 2022. I would like to thank Dr. Christian for his distinguished professionalism, but above all, for his great compassion; I will never forget when he held my hand in the operating room.
    Thank you, you are a great Doctor.

  9. Patrizia says:

    Simply fantastic. After years of visits with many doctors who did not understand my problem and did nothing for the pain I had, I went to Dr. Capuano’s office. There I found compassion, helpfulness, and kindness – but above all – professionalism. I was operated on in late May and I’m much better thanks to him.

  10. Cristiano Masseroni says:

    Hello. My name is Cristiano and I am 55 years old. I was lucky to meet Dr. Capuano about a year ago thanks to a recommendation by my physiotherapist, Stefano Colombo.
    For several years, I had been suffering from back pain, despite visits to several orthopedic physicians. Their treatments included cortisone-based therapies and injections of anti-inflammatories and painkillers; unfortunately, these treatments did not resolve my problem, which promptly returned.
    However, during the first appointment with Dr. Capuano I understood he would be capable of solving my back problems. While examining my MRI, he immediately understood what my problem was, and after having me undergo a specific X-ray, he confirmed his diagnosis.
    The path he wanted to me to take was clear and he explained it to me in detail, but simply. He reassured me that my pathology would be resolved by the surgery, but first he advised me to do oxygen-ozone therapy, to reduce my pain and prepare me for the operation. Then, in July, the surgery became necessary, as expected, to definitively resolve my problem.
    On the day of the surgery, Dr. Capuano explained to me in detail how he wanted to proceed. After the operation he called my family to discuss the surgery and to reassure them that everything had gone well; this is a detail that I very much appreciated and which characterizes his professionalism and compassion towards his patients. In addition to being an EXTRAORDINARY professional, he is also an EXTRAORDINARY person.
    My surgery was on 5 July, and I was already walking the next day. Today, 25 days after the operation for degenerative retrolisthesis L3-L4, which was complicated by foraminal stenosis, I feel fine and I am almost 100% fit.
    Dr. Capuano is both professional and compassionate; he is always available to listen to you and understand your suffering and to advise and reassure you with immense kindness. I respect him highly as a person and as a physician.
    Many thanks to the staff of the Villa Berica Clinic and to the staff in via Carloni in Como, where everyone has always been kind and helpful.
    Heartfelt thanks.

  11. Tevere Barbara says:

    I met Doctor Capuano through some friends. He performed my surgery on 13 July at the Città di Brà Clinic. The operation and post-operative period both went well.
    I want to sincerely thank Dr. Capuano, who reassured me about the operation despite my fears. He also came to my room early in the morning before the surgery and returned in the afternoon to see how I was feeling. Over the following days, he phoned me to inquire about my condition.
    These days it is difficult to find a doctor who is competent professionally and who is also very compassionate and makes you feel protected. Thanks to Dr. Capuano and his secretary Sabrina for being so helpful. In September, I will have to return to his office for a check-up but the doctor has reassured me that everything will be fine – and I fully trust him.
    Thank you Dr. Capuano.

  12. Lella Imperiali says:

    Dear Dr. Capuano,
    First of all, I would like to thank you so much for performing my surgery so well.
    And, most importantly, I want emphasize your extreme sensitivity in having called my children immediately to reassure them about the successful operation and about my condition.
    I am pleased to have encountered a person who has been so helpful, clear, encouraging, and understanding responding to my questions.
    Undergoing surgery with competent and thoughtful people is a source of great comfort.
    A warm goodbye – and thanks again.

  13. Bruno says:

    Dear Doc Capuano,
    All my esteem goes to you… and what’s more I am convinced that in entrusting my precious back to you the results could only have been excellent.
    Yesterday at 1:30 pm, I was wheeled into your ‘steel bunker’, where your smile and outstretched hand calmed all my doubts! During the surgery you reassured me that all was going well. Later on, while coming out of anesthesia, you were present and telling four nurses details about my care. Today, Tuesday 19 July at 7:45 am, you came to see me in my room, and PERSONALLY removed my bandages and drainage tubes and accompanied me for a test walk!
    Now that am I more lucid, I feel I must write this to acknowledge the doctor’s outstanding professional merit, his adept communication skills, his serenity under pressure, and his treatment of ‘ordinary’ patients.
    Praise for his Sicilian grit and courage! And for his GENUINE interest IN THE WELL-BEING OF HIS PATIENTS!
    THANKS TO YOU DOC. I pray you continue with your very important MISSION!

  14. Marco Mazzamuto Carlucci says:

    Hello, my name is Marco and I am 34 years old. For about two years I had continuous pain in my buttocks, hamstrings and calves. I had reached the point of not being able to play sports anymore, to find it difficult to drive and even just to sit still.
    During these two years I saw three different neurosurgeons: None of them has ever managed to associate the symptoms I described with the exams I had been prescribed (MRI, RX, electromyography). Unfortunately, they all said the same thing, that is, my case did not require surgery, and as such, they each recommended other professional therapists to me (physiatrists, physiotherapists, osteopaths).
    So, with no diagnosis at all, and with pain that was almost unbearable at times, I dragged myself around for two years to have expensive treatments – TEC, SIS, osteopathic sessions and physiotherapeutic massages. Unfortunately, my problem worsened rather than improving.
    Then I came to Dr. Capuano’s office: After a thorough first visit I finally went home with a diagnosis! I had disc disease at levels L5-S1 that was complicated by retrolisthesis and tight foraminal stenosis.
    It seems incredible to me, as well as sad in some ways, that none of the above was diagnosed by the other three neurosurgeons: two of whom are considered to be, among other things, luminaries in their field.
    Dr. Capuano tried conservative therapy at first (physiotherapy and oxygen-ozone therapy), but unfortunately the results were unsuccessful, so my surgery was scheduled.
    My surgery was on 4 July 2022, and today, finally, I feel fine. There are no words to thank Dr. Capuano enough. Thanks to him I can start living fully again.
    I advise you heartily to rely on Dr. Capuano’s professionalism, kindness and helpfulness.

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