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  1. Annalisa Tripodi says:

    Good morning,
    My name is Annalisa, and since May of 2017 I have been being treated by Dr. Capuano. I decided to turn to him after a series of doctor’s visits with other neurosurgeons, visits that were reduced to the hasty reading of my MRI of the lumbar sacrum followed by a prescription of cortisone painkillers to relieve pain in my right leg, due to a herniated disc. Exhausted by both pain and sleepless nights, I was unable to hide a certain scepticism, but I went ahead and made an appointment with Dr. Capuano. I will never forget the first visit – it blew me away… He did not read the diskette or the MRI report, but simply asked me “How are you? What symptoms do you have…?” Then he carried out an in-depth examination. Afterwards, he clearly explained the reasons for both my pain and the discopathy. He also explained what the MRI showed: my back was “in a bad, bad way”, worked poorly mechanically speaking, in addition to being somewhat unstable. We decided to opt for oxygen-ozone therapy at first, and in the event of poor results I would have to resort to having surgery. At the moment, I am fine and continue with the conservative therapy, leaving the possibility of surgery on the back burner. Dr. Capuano is a meticulous professional who combines his excellent skills with sensitivity and respect for people and their pain, and that makes all the difference… He is always accommodating, easily contactable and has a great talent: not only does he help you in not feeling alone in facing health problems, he actually supports you with a calm and positive attitude.
    Thanks for everything Christian!!
    Also, a huge thank you to Marinella, who was always helpful, courteous and ready to set-up appointments, and to act as a filter for my various requests!!

  2. Giulio Merlo says:

    In September 2019, I took my 48-year-old daughter Leda to Dr. Cristian Capuano. He diagnosed her with Spondylosis-disc arthrosis. Her condition caused her to have cervical pain that irradiated to the upper limbs and functional weakness. We were immediately impressed by the doctor’s passion for his profession and by the way he created a sincere relationship, putting us promptly at ease.
    On 1/27/2020, Rd. Christian Capuano explained clearly the various steps Leda would undergo before he performed cervical arthrodesis surgery at the City of Bra Clinic. After the surgery, he came to her room to reassure us and embraced us. After a week, the pain and other problems disappeared.
    Thanks Dr. Christian! You deserve to take deep satisfaction from your work.

  3. Maria Antonietta Introzzi says:

    Rarely, but luckily, we meet special people during our lives: Doctor Christian Capuano is one of these people. Not only is he an excellent neurosurgeon, but above all he is an outstanding person. I was operated on by him a week ago, and today, finally, I was able to take my first walk.
    Thank you!!!

    Marie Antonietta Introzzi

  4. LUIGI CLERICI says:

    After months of pain that prevented me from simply walking, I turned to Dr. Capuano upon the advice of an acquaintance. At our first appointment, I appreciated his openness, humanity, his ability to listen and his passion for the medical profession, fundamental qualities in creating a relationship of trust between doctor and patient. After receiving a diagnosis of a herniated disc, I began doing oxygen-ozone therapy, which, after about ten sessions, has finally proved to be decisive. I have started walking and driving again and I have regained my independence. Thank you, Dr. Capuano! Special thanks go to Marinella, whose kindness, professionalism and efficiency was greatly appreciated.

  5. Mario Bianchi says:

    Good evening, I am an octogenarian grandfather who underwent an operation at the end of November at the Eporediese Clinic in Ivrea. Dr Christian Capuano operated on me for spinal stenosis, which occasionally involved tingling in my legs with loss of sensitivity; sometimes I even had difficulty walking. The surgery went very well and I would like to emphasise that I have never met a doctor with the level professionalism and kindness shown to me by the doctor. Christian puts you at ease and makes you feel like a friend, explaining in detail what he will do during the surgery and is always there to reassure you. Dr. Capuano treated me like he was treating a family member. Thank you very much Christian. I congratulate you for the excellent results and I wish you well in brilliantly solving many other problems like mine. Best wishes to you and to Dr. Francesco Carnini – for the continuance of your exceptional careers.
    Warm greetings from Mario Bianchi and family.

  6. Nadia Sironi says:

    Good morning. I am a 59-year-old patient who has been suffering from cervical spondylo-disc-arthrosis for three years; basically a form of cervical osteoarthritis that has degenerated to the point where I can no longer continue a normal life because of excruciating pain. I have tried every possible therapy: physiotherapy, Tecar therapy, massage and oxygen-ozone therapy. Because these therapies were useless, I turned to Dr. Capuano, who immediately explained to me that I needed surgery. The following month I discovered that I had a very serious illness that required life-saving treatment that would last more than a year. Not being able to undergo neurosurgery immediately, I proceeded with the treatment as prescribed by a prestigious pain therapy centre in Milan, and although the treatment was very strong, it was ineffective.
    However, finally last December, Dr. Capuano was able to operate on me. The surgery went very well. I wore a stiff collar for about a month and my recovery has now begun!
    I was followed in an exemplary way, because Dr. Capuano has the uncommon ability (not shared by many doctors) to take care of the patient during every stage of treatment. I felt supported, understood, free to ask questions, and was always sure to get a competent and specific answer to my problem.
    Thank you very much to the doctor, and to Marinella, who always was helpful and stayed in close contact with me throughout the entire period.

  7. Serena Barcaglioni says:

    The doctor’s kindness and sincerity emerged at our very first appointment. I also felt great esteem for his professional skill when he diagnosed me with a pathology that had been afflicting me for over a year and explained the surgical treatment I required.
    The operation, which also involved Dr. Carnini, concerned L4-L5 osteo-ligament decompression and inter-spinous arthrodesis, using the microsurgical technique, under spinal anaesthesia. Plans for my hospitalisation went quickly and with great efficiency, thanks to Dr. Capuano’s secretary Marinella.
    My recovery was rapid, almost immediate in fact, because after just a few hours I was able to walk without the pain that had afflicted me for over a year. My hospital discharge took place two days after the surgery, and after three days I was examined and treated by Dr. Capuano in his office. At the end of the appointment I asked Dr. Capuano if I could hug him. That hug held all the gratitude and affection that my husband and I had built up over the relatively short time we had known this young but illustrious neurosurgeon who personifies both science and humanity. Thank you, DR. CAPUANO, to you and your team.
    Serena Barcaglioni Kier

  8. SIMONE SUARDI says:

    In January 2019, I went to Dr. Capuano for the first time hoping to find a solution for my problem, a herniated disc. While listening to the doctor during the appointment I could sense the passion with which he does his job, so much that I was immediately convinced I wanted to become his patient.
    I remember that at that time, I struggled considerably to just walk and suffered from pain like no other pain I had ever experienced, but thanks to his instructions I was able to return to work after just two days – and I am a bricklayer…
    I decided to do oxygen-ozone treatments to try to avoid surgery, but, I had been informed by the doctor beforehand that if the treatments didn’t resolve my pathology, they would have been the best way to prepare me for an eventual operation in the future.
    In May, we ascertained that the therapy had not brought the desired results, although it had completely removed the pain. The remaining problem was with my right leg; my reflexes were slow and there was always a tingling sensation. At this point we opted for surgery, and I expressly ask to be operated on in December, for reasons owing to my work schedule.
    A few hours after having been admitted to the Ivrea clinic in December, the doctor checked on me to make sure that everything was going well… On the day of the surgery, before the operation, the doctor came to my room and reassured me to not worry… Once the surgery was over, he took care to immediately notify my wife and tell her how the surgery had gone (better than expected), and then after a few hours, when the anaesthesia started to wear off, he came back to ask how I was and if I felt any improvement yet… Well, the improvement was immediate! I finally had sensitivity in my right leg, which was very important to me.
    In the days that followed, his secretary called me at home several times to find out if everything was going well. This type of attention is priceless in my opinion – I felt 100% taken care of. I remember when the doctor reassured me about the care I would receive at the beginning of this journey, and so far, it has been just like he said it would be…
    In my opinion, Dr. Capuano is a magnificent person who is passionate about his work and understanding with his patients, but above all, he is highly professional.

  9. Giuliana Corti says:

    After months of continuous pain and incorrect diagnoses, I met Dr. Christian Capuano, thanks to a word-of-mouth recommendation, at the end of August. He studied my exam results and diagnosed me with lumbar spondylo-arthrosis (L3-L4) complicated by stenosis. I started having oxygen-ozone treatments, but because the pain continued I decided to undergo surgery.
    I was operated on, with spinal anaesthesia, on 11/20/19 in the City of Bra Clinic. I thank Dr. Capuano very much for his attentiveness before, during and after the surgery and for his professionalism, availability and kindness towards me. I am regaining my lost functionality every day. Thank you to Marinella, and to all the staff for their courtesy.
    Thank you all.

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