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  1. Francesco D'Andola says:

    Good morning.
    By writing today, I would like to share the pleasure and esteem that I have gradually cultivated towards Dr. Capuano. My name is Francesco, and I am an avid sportsman; unfortunately, I am also already a veteran of several operations as well. I first met Christian as a doctor, then, progressively we established an understanding and mutual trust that allowed us to work toward and achieve common goals. He is a truly gifted physician, and his approach is direct but never arrogant – on the contrary…
    Our aim was to get me back to feeling well, to get me back to training, and to make me feel more relaxed and confident. He suggested several solutions and we applied them – only doing what was necessary to achieve our aims. Christian has always been clear, no experiments or other “professionals”.
    But then, an intervention became necessary.
    I have recently been operated on and I still cannot confirm the long-term results, but I can share this; I am not training yet, but I walk a lot and I listen and follow the doctor’s suggestions. Every day I feel a little bit better.
    Christian knew my medical history, but this mattered little to him because I believe his attitude would have been the same in any case: he encouraged me to trust him like an older brother. His gentle attention before the surgery was enough to convince me that he could be trusted… his various visits with me between the operation he performed and the next one added to my sense of ease (Christian was very, very, tired) and finally, a personal phone call upon my arrival at home…
    Is he more special than others? Is this how a real doctor behaves? It’s up to you… I consider myself lucky and I want to share my experience with others. Whichever way my situation progresses, I am very enthusiastic, and I want him to know that I fully respect him as a doctor and as a man. He is a great example.
    Thanks again Christian.

  2. Patrizia Pesola says:

    Hello, I am 52 years old and I met Dr. Capuano in November 2021.
    During the first visit, after examining my MRI, the doctor diagnosed a congenital L5-S1 retrolisthesis complicated by severe disc disease. He then explained the reality of my delicate situation and said that I would have to undergo surgery.
    I won’t deny that when I heard those words and they sunk into my brain, I was upset and uneasy; the doctor immediately perceived my emotional state and outlined very clearly and sensitively how the operation would proceed. He showed me the titanium cage that he would insert between my vertebrae during the surgery, and I began to feel better and that he could be trusted. The trust I felt grew stronger and was well established upon reaching the day of the surgery.
    I was operated on 7 May 2022 at the Villa Berica Clinic in Vicenza, where with great pleasure I encountered a skilled and professional staff. Before receiving total anesthesia and going fully under, Dr. Capuano came to greet me and further reassured me that everything would be fine. As a demonstration of the fact that the doctor is competent both professionally and empathetically, I would like to tell you that he immediately called my husband after the operation, reassuring him about the positive outcome of the surgery.
    The next day, Dr. Capuano came to the room and had me get up and walk – as he always does with his patients – to his and to my great satisfaction.
    Now, two weeks have passed since the surgery and I feel fine. I will have to wait a few more weeks to return to my previous level of agility in movement and to start physical therapy.
    I am very happy to have met Dr. Capuano, to have undergone the surgery, and to be here today to write these words in hopes they can be useful to others.
    Thanks to Dr. Capuano Christian and his staff in the Como medical studio, and to the staff at the Villa Berica Clinic.

  3. Carmen Suarato says:

    After 3 months of unbearable pain and being bedridden, I was operated on 6 May 2022 at the Villa Berica Clinic in Vicenza, by Dr. Capuano.
    I had surgery for an expelled hernia, which was complicated by foraminal stenosis at levels L5-S1.
    I have known the doctor for many years and he immediately understood my problem – even before having the results of the MRI. He promptly added me to the list of operative emergencies.
    The day after the surgery, Dr. Capuano himself helped me to get up, and, as promised, all the pain in my leg was gone. After a week, I can say that I feel like new again.
    The words to describe Dr. Capuano have yet to be invented. He is unique in his professional approach, sympathy, and availability to his patients. I will be forever grateful to him.
    I always wish well to others, but in case you ever need a neurosurgeon, you can rely on him one hundred percent.
    Thanks also to Sabrina and Sara for their help. What can I say… as soon as you enter the office you feel like you are at home, they make you feel like a member of their wonderful family. Thank you!

  4. Dario says:

    I am very satisfied with the work done by Dr. Capuano. Many heartfelt thanks!

  5. Umberto Bertelli says:

    RE: L4-L5 foraminal stenosis complicated by an expelled migrating disc
    I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Capuano last year and after many years with unsolved and worsening problems, I immediately felt I had found the right doctor – and felt no need to hear other opinions.
    I would like to thank both the professional and the man, who with expertise, lots of experience, empathy, and pure passion, cared for me leading up to (and after) the operation on 21 March. He makes himself easily available because he truly cares about his patients.
    Also, I am very grateful to the staff of the Como studio and to the entire team at the Villa Berica Clinic.
    Warmly, Umberto

  6. Juan A. says:

    Good morning.
    I would like to thank Dr. Capuano and his team for their great professionalism, seriousness and efficiency in the treatment and resolution of my problem. I had been suffering for months from stenosis and disc disease at levels L4-L5.
    I can attest to the doctor’s qualities in the treatment of patients – both as a person and as a neurosurgeon, who specializes in the prompt diagnosis and resolution of problems and not in just alleviating pain.
    Allow me repeat myself, he is a great professional and a person I regard very highly.

  7. Monica Cattaneo says:

    Good morning.
    Last month, on 8 March, I underwent L4-L5 arthrodesis surgery for listhesis complicated by tight lumbar stenosis. Dr. Capuano operated on me at the Villa Berica Clinic in Vicenza, where I was treated very well, thanks to all the medical and paramedical staff.
    The post-operative course proceeded normally, as promised by Dr. Capuano: the day following my surgery I was mobilized without using supports and felt no pain, on the contrary… I finally felt a sense of lightness in my legs.
    After years of persistent pain in my lower back, thanks to Dr. Capuano I am finally free from suffering.
    I am now having physiotherapy sessions with the talented and competent Dr. Soraya Betancourt, in addition to doing the exercises assigned to me independently at home.
    I would like to add that Dr. Capuano, in addition to being an excellent surgeon, is a compassionate person and listens carefully to his patients, to whom he is very devoted. He called me every day after the surgery, and continued to make himself available by phone. I really appreciated his staying in contact, which is so unusual these days…
    Many thanks to the staff in the Via Carloni office in Como, where everyone is always smiling and helpful.
    Thank you very from the bottom of my heart!

  8. Valerio Doneda says:

    Good morning.
    A heartfelt thanks to Dr. Capuano who has always distinguished himself not only for competence but also for his kindness and willingness to help.
    Dr. Capuano operated on my father some years ago, and he is now a lively eighty-nine-year-old; he also operated successfully on my sister, and finally on me, last week.
    My surgery was for osteo-ligamentous decompression and the operation went perfectly; my post-operative period followed without any problems.
    On the days following the operation the doctor and I had daily contact to discuss how I was feeling, and naturally, this gives you peace of mind, which is fundamental in these situations.
    Thank you so much.

  9. Silvia Luisetti says:

    In April of 2019 I underwent surgery on my ulnar and carpal tunnels and my life changed for the worse. I began to have severe pain in my neck that prevented me from moving my arms. Pain became an integral part of my days. I tried many types of treatments and doctors: chiropractor, physiotherapist, osteopath, acupuncture, and every type of medicine therapy possible, but nothing improved my situation.
    In September of 2021 I had a cervical tract MRI and the result seemed to be positive, there were no hernias or other pathologies; but the pain was always present. Thanks to a referral by my physiotherapist and my osteopath, in November of 2021 I arrived in Dr. Capuano’s office. After just 10 minutes, I finally had a surgical diagnosis: I needed an anterior C4-C5-C6 arthrodesis surgical procedure
    Dr. Capuano operated on me on 22 March 2022 and the following day I was standing up and all the pain was gone. His talent is immense, and this is a fact, but what distinguishes him from the other doctors I consulted is that he is one of the very few who actually makes a diagnosis, extremely rare in these times. He doesn’t treat you as just a number but as a whole person with a name and a face – who needs help. Dr. Capuano exercises his profession with love and with great compassion, rare or nonexistent qualities these days.
    So, dear Dr. Christian. I say thank you today, and I will repeat this tomorrow and for the rest of my life; a life that seems to have found meaning again, even during this period that is particularly sad for me due to personal and family reasons.
    Silvia Luisetti

  10. Valeria says:

    Hello, I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Capuano while following my father’s health problems a year ago; he resolved the matter with professionalism and humility. When we first met in his office (after several disappointing visits with other doctors), he welcomed us warmly and listened to us. He explained everything as no other doctor had done before, and I left the office confident and hopeful to have found the solution to my father’s suffering.
    A year later, I returned to the studio for my mother’s health problems and I was confident that she would be helped too, and she was… On 16 March 2022, my mother was operated on; it was a successful operation, but I had never doubted that I was leaving her in excellent hands!
    Thanks to the staff at the Città di Bra Clinic, and above all, an immense heartfelt thanks to Dr. Capuano who put both my parents back on their feet again.

  11. Paolo says:

    Good afternoon. I am 72 years old and suffered from tightening stenosis at levels L3-L4-L5, which was complicated by listhesis between vertebras L4-L5. I had surgery using microsurgical technique and spinal anesthesia, which included osteo-ligamentous decompression of the spinal canal (L3-L4-L5), an ample foraminotomy, and lumbar interspinous arthrodesis (L4-L5), all performed by Dr. Christian Capuano.
    Finally, after years of continuous pain in the buttocks, legs, and feet, and being unable to walk without constant pain, I was free of pain. The day after the surgery I started walking again – painlessly. And a week later I experienced the immense pleasure of walking without any problem.
    I will always be grateful to Dr. Capuano for his high level of professionalism, compassion and helpfulness. He has clearly demonstrated his great passion for his profession. Also, my heartfelt thanks to all the staff at the Villa Berica Clinic in Vicenza.

  12. Alberto Pastori says:

    Good morning,
    I was operated on January 25th. Diagnosis: C4-C5-C6 spondilouncoarthrosis complicated by left foraminal stenosis.
    Dr. Capuano is a very special person who helps you understand your problem, explains it clearly, and shows you how to solve the problem with great determination.
    I am fortunate to have entrusted my health to Dr. Capuano.
    He is an extremely competent professional who cares about both the patient and his illness… and you feel this right away.
    Knowing about my anxiety about having to undergo surgery, Dr. Capuano has always made himself available for discussion and to put me at ease… this has been priceless. His love for his work is evident.
    If I am writing this just a week after surgery, it is because he was right – and this made us both smile.
    Infinite thanks to him, to his medical team, and to the people who work in his office… all fantastic people.

    P.S. Dear Christian, years ago you saved my sister’s life by performing a practically impossible operation: You were the first person to not give up, and now you have taken care of me… heartfelt thanks!

  13. Moira Manenti says:

    For years I have been having doctor appointments in public facilities without receiving a precise diagnosis and being prescribed medicines that have put a strain on my body.
    I also have Fibromyalgia and many doctors, without investigating thoroughly, have attributed any new symptoms that I had as being caused by this.
    Tired of suffering, I turned to Doctor Capuano. I was surprised by the fact that with just a quick glance at my X-rays he immediately understood what my problem was: C5-C6 spondiluncoarthrosis in kyphosis that was complicated by bilateral foraminal stenosis, Arnold’s neuralgia and acute sacroiliitis.
    I started oxygen-ozone therapy and had noticeable improvement in my lower back.
    Unfortunately, the cervical problem had worsened and oxygen-ozone therapy was unable to resolve it. However, the doctor told me that the problem could be solved with minimally invasive microsurgery – circumferential cervical arthrodesis – by way of an anterior-posterior approach.
    Immediately after waking up from anesthesia, I realized that there were improvements in the sensitivity in my hands. Now, I’m fine and have no more pain. I feel like I’ve been reborn thanks to the skill and professionalism of Dr. Capuano. Thanks so much to you and to your staff (who contacted me to inquire about my condition after the drive home).
    I would also like to thank the staff of the Bra Clinic for their kind and professional assistance.

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