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  1. Simone Grande says:

    Good morning,
    My name is Simone and I am 56 years old. After a lot of useless consultations with specialists and physiotherapists (for 9 years), someone suggested Dr Capuano to me.

    My first impressions of him were good. He put me at ease, like no one else had, telling me not to worry, and saying “I’ll solve your problem” in a confident and reassuring way. I left his office that day almost incredulous – feeling very positive – but always with a nagging doubt “will he be like the others, a charlatan?”

    In the end, on 09/05/2023 he operated on me: my surgery was for decompression of the spinal canal and arthrodesis at level L4-L5 with the interposition of an inter-somatic cage (this surgery sounds complicated to non-experts), but the next day I was standing and walking easily. I believe it really was a miracle.

    But I felt great; even the nurses at the Villa Berica Clinic scolded me because I was always getting in their way…

    I left hospital on Thursday 11/05 in the morning, then on Sunday afternoon I drove my car, and on Monday I drove alone to have the bandages on my wound changed. Today, 15 days have passed since my surgery, and I had the stitches removed this morning: I am feeling better every day.

    As good old Vasco Rossi sings: “And I’m still here, it seemed like the end of the world and instead I’m still here”.

    I don’t know what else to say… HEARTFELT THANKS to the doctor and his staff.

  2. Salvatore says:

    I met Dr. Capuano through word-of-mouth and some references. I had reached the point where I could no longer avoid anterior arthrodesis surgery, and yet I was afraid to have it done. Dr. Capuano reassured me, stayed in close contact with me, and finally accompanied me in my surgery: I would do it again with no hesitation.

    I’m fine now and I’ve resumed my life as before – pain-free!

    Thank you for your competence, professionalism and above all for your compassionate humanity.

  3. Stefano says:

    After numerous visits with many doctors and hospitals – and no clear answers – we went to Dr. Capuano for help with my mother-in-law, who had been suffering from back problems for three years. Doctor Capuano was the only one who was able to solve her problems.

    From our first appointment he showed confidence, professionalism and humanity. He also quickly scheduled my mother-in-law’s surgery, because she could no longer walk.

    The surgery took place at the Villa Berica Clinic in Vicenza. The clinic staff was amazing. Dr. Capuano performed the surgery on my mother-in-law and then my wife and I were notified by him personally about the operation’s positive outcome.

    Thanks to his professionalism and competence he managed to resolve her problems. The doctor has always been clear with us and this has given us great confidence and security.
    Three weeks have passed since the operation and my mother-in-law has started walking again and feels as if she has been born again. We will never be able to thank him enough!

  4. Donata Conti says:

    I would like to express recognition and gratitude towards Dr Capuano, a skilled professional with a well-known reputation and above all a person endowed with empathy and humanity. I felt both welcomed and reassured by him and his staff, and was always considered a person and not just a number.

    I live inland, in the Marche region, and I found out about the doctor through the internet, where I researched his surgeries and reviews: this is how I built up hope, which then turned into trust after the first appointment with him.

    I now feel deep esteem for him, following my complex operation (osteo-ligamentous decompression and lumbar arthrodesis from levels T-10 to S-1, performed just twenty days ago. The doctor stays in contact with me now from a distance, surprising me every time he reaches out.

    Many thanks to a special person who gave me the opportunity to start living again. Thanks also to Dr. Soraya who is in charge of my physiotherapy recovery program, and to the office staff who kindly welcome requests and sudden emotional outbursts.

    I hope my experience can be useful to those who, like me, have gone from one doctor’s office to another in search of a solution to their problem.

  5. Carmelo says:

    I didn’t even know who Dr Capuano was!! I discovered the doctor through a work colleague who raved about him. Just an example of how small the world is, born near each other but we had never met…

    Moving on to my positive review… Dr. Capuano is a person of unique human compassion. From a medical point of view I can only say that before the operation I could hardly move anymore, and a week after spine stabilization surgery, I feel like another person. I have just a little bit of discomfort from the wound, which is normal, but I already walk a couple of hours a day. I sincerely thank both the man and the doctor for his professionalism.

  6. Luigi Ramon says:

    After having previously consulted two renowned specialists, my pain and suffering increased; as such, I decided to try Dr. Capuano.

    At the first appointment he ordered a spinal lumbar/sacral X-ray and from it I was diagnosed with level L4-L5 anterolisthesis complicated by foraminal and canal stenosis. The doctor told me that surgery was necessary… I looked at him and reminded him that I was 72 years old, and he replied that he has operated on many others, who are even older. After a few days of indecision and moments of confusion, I decided that I had to take this important step for my health and I agreed to put myself into his hands.

    So, last 11 March I had an operation to decompress my spine and lumbar arthrodesis surgery – both using the microsurgical technique. The surgery was carried out at the Villa Berica Clinic in Vicenza, where the entire staff was attentive and helpful. They reassured me and were present when they saw me agitated and worried.

    The morning of the operation, before the surgery, Dr Capuano cheered me up and reassured me once again that everything would be fine. He is such a compassionate person. When I woke up after the operation, still in the operating room, Dr Capuano informed me that he had just spoken with my family, reassuring them and confirming our appointment for that evening. He came by again later and gave me an appointment the following morning.

    The next morning around 10.00 am he had me get up and together we walked along the corridor. He also had me walk up a flight of stairs. I couldn’t believe it and was very excited – with tears in my eyes. I thanked this great man and doctor again. I am lucky to have never been in hospital before, but I know that a doctor like this, who really takes care of his patients, is not easily found, so I am fortunate to have found him.

    Twenty-five days have passed since the operation. I am having physiotherapy sessions to improve my ability to move and I have returned to work. I walk easily without any pain and I have also resumed driving. Soon I will go on holiday to a hot place, as suggested by Dr. Capuano.

    Thanks again Dr Capuano for your great professionalism and humanity.
    Luigi Ramon, aged 72 – Erba

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