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  1. Graziella De Paoli says:

    After a year of suffering and being unable to walk, I was lucky to meet Dr. Capuano.
    Given my age, 81 years, many doctors did not recommend any type of surgery, but Dr. Capuano welcomed me as a patient and treated me very well. He operated on me at the clinic in Vicenza and has literally given me back my life. I have started walking again and am again able to leave the house.
    I will never be able to thank him enough for his professionalism and empathy.
    Graziella De Paoli Cini

  2. Rampoldi Ezio says:

    Thank you Doctor.
    After a summer of suffering from leg pains that prevented me from walking, I have regained my normal mobility following osteo-ligamentous decompression and interspinous arthrodesis surgery on 4 October at the City of Bra Clinic. The doctor’s professionalism is beyond reproach, but his compassion, presence and continuing help are not only reassuring, but very special. This all helps so much to overcome a difficult moment. I’m so grateful for all you have done.
    A heartfelt thanks, Ezio

  3. Patrizia Mutti says:

    I was operated on 12 October at the Villa Berica Clinic in Vicenza for stenosis of the spine and a foraminal canal widening (L4-L5 DX) complicated by disc herniation.
    For years the pain and complications I suffered from had compromised my quality of life.
    On the advice of my general physician I met with Doctor Capuano, who put me at ease immediately; it was as if we had known each other for a lifetime. I found him to be an extremely competent, humble and helpful person, who transmits trust and serenity.
    The surgery went as planned and a few hours later my pain was gone. But the surprising thing was that the next day I was already back on my feet.
    I was followed both before the surgery and after by Dr. Christian and this demonstrates who he really is.
    I would also like to thank his team and the medical staff of the Villa Berica Clinic for their professionalism and humanity.
    Thanks too to the staff in his medical office in Via Carloni in Como for their kindness and professionalism.
    I’ll be forever grateful to you all.

  4. Barella Giampietro says:

    Here’s our experience… my husband was operated on by Dr. Christian Capuano, a kind and very competent physician… the operation was very risky due to a severely restricted spinal stenosis with calcification – and everything went very well! The operation took place at Villa Berica in Vicenza. In the clinic, my husband was treated very well by the kind and qualified staff! The pain that had been tormenting him for some time – and that had become unbearable is now gone!
    Thanks Dr. Capuano!!

  5. Loris says:

    I turned to Dr. Capuano upon the advice of a friend for help with a problem in my left leg related to spinal disc disease (L4-L5-S1).
    I met a wonderful person; in addition to his excellent preparation, he also puts his patients at ease and practically treated me as a friend… All I can say is thank you very much.

  6. Cristina says:

    I want to thank Dr. Christian for allowing me to feel the joy of life without pain. A few days ago, I underwent spinal decompression surgery and lumbar interspinous arthrodesis due to stenosis of the spinal and foraminal canals, all of which was complicated by a herniated disc. On the second day after my surgery I already felt improvement in my left leg. In addition to his extreme professionalism, the doctor was understanding and always smiling. He is always available for his patients and they can rely on him. I also want to thank the staff of Villa Berica in Vicenza, from the operating room team to the staff in the ward, who were all very kind and helpful.
    Heartfelt thanks to Dr. Capuano, a great man.

  7. Mirko Biasi says:

    Thank you very much dear Dr. Christian! Your compassion, humanity, and professionalism are unparalleled! I will be grateful to you for the rest of my life! Truly! If I can ever be of help to you some day, it will be my pleasure!
    Mirko Biasi, Attorney at law

  8. Daniele says:

    Dr. Capuano is such an important point of reference for his patients; he makes them feel cared for, because they are treated compassionately with an individualized therapeutic program. His approach is characterized by extreme professionalism and kindness. I have turned to him for help on several occasions for problems related to my body-building training. Each time he was able to immediately identify the problem and prescribe effective treatment using oxygen-ozone therapy, which allowed me, in a very short time, to resume my training without any problems. This therapy was new to me and has been very effective. I thank Dr. Capuano for everything he has done for me!!

  9. Rita says:

    I met with Dr. Capuano after suffering from months of pain in my shoulders and arms. I had almost lost sensitivity in my hands and nobody understood what the problem was. After having the correct diagnostic exam, a cervical MRI, which highlighted osteo-phytic spurring causing stenosis and a marked reduction of the cervical disc between C6 and C7, Dr. Capuano and I discussed my therapy options.
    First, I had oxygen-ozone therapy for five months, which prepared me for surgery. Then, I was operated on and now my problem has been solved; the pain in my shoulders has disappeared and no surgical screws were needed. I am in rehabilitation now and will soon be able to return to my normal life.

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