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  1. Elena says:

    I contacted Dr. Capuano on behalf of my sister, because she had been suffering for some time from severe pain in her legs caused by lumbar stenosis. As soon as we arrived at the medical office, at the beginning of January, we encountered extreme kindness and were always greeted with a smile! I thought this was just a characteristic of Marinella, but then when we met the doctor, we realized that he values his personal as well as his professional conduct. In addition to being a highly professional neurosurgeon, he has proved to be extremely devoted and passionate about everything he does! He treats his patients like relatives! My sister was operated on last July at the Bra’ Clinic Nursing Home. The operation went very well and the pain has gone away. I sincerely thank the doctor for being very professional with the patient but also very sensitive with the relatives at home! We were always informed of what was happening. A hug to you all, you are a great team! Many compliments!!

  2. Daniela says:

    Professionalism and availability are the watchwords in this medical office.
    Dr. Capuano was very clear in explaining my MRI exams to me and exceptional in getting me back on my feet with oxygen-ozone therapy sessions.
    Riccardo was really patient in suggesting exercises to me (considering that I am exceptionally lazy) that helped me to improve my ‘bad back’.
    And, thanks to Marinella, who was always very kind.

  3. Triolo Pietro says:

    Dr. Christian Capuano, you are an artist. You work with a delicacy and a skill that few people have… Your thoughtful approach is divine, and since you operated on me my life has changed… Thanks for existing…

  4. Fasola Mariagiovanna says:

    My name is Mariagiovanna Fasola. I am 50 years old, and I would say that I have suffered from back pain since I was a little girl. My path has been like that of many others: I saw dentists, wore a dental bite, and went to osteopaths and chiropractors, all with poor and only temporary results.

    My situation degenerated in December 2019 when pain started in the lumbar area; I developed incessant, constant and daily pain in my legs. My quality of life was terrible and was very frustrated. Dr. Christian Capuano was recommended to me.

    After having an MRI and X-ray, it became clear that there was an L4-L5 anterolisthesis that was complicated by stenosis on the right side and in the foraminal canal of the spine. The exams also showed I had a synovial cyst on the right side and initial degenerative atrophy of the posterior spinal muscles.

    Dr. Capuano was very clear in explaining to me that I would have to undergo surgery to solve my problem. I was very discouraged, but at this point, the doctor’s approach, reliability, humanity, empathy and constant availability combined with his proven skills and professionalism have all played an important role in my healing. I felt that I could trust and rely on him. He has never underestimated my situation or my despair, and with infinite patience has always been clear and exhaustive in every clarification requested. My heartfelt thanks, Doc!

    I was operated on July 6, in Ivrea at the Eporediese Clinic. The doctor’s daily phone call to monitor my situation directly was greatly appreciated. Now, two weeks after the surgery, I feel much better and, having developed a ‘high sensibility’ to various pains over the years, I can say that with every day that passes I feel better and better. I see a decidedly downhill road ahead.

    Thanks to Riccardo, the physiotherapist, for his patience, and to Marinella for her smile, kindness and cordiality.

  5. Mauri Roberto says:

    Good morning,

    I am a forty-four-year old, who for years has been living with back pain that runs down to the lower limbs.

    After a first discectomy for a hernia performed 3 years ago by a neurosurgeon other than Dr. Capuano, the hernia and back pain came back in a disabling way

    At my first appointment with Dr. Capuano focused on analysis and overview of the entire problem, something that the first neurosurgeon had not even considered. Once the real cause of these pains was discovered, the doctor understood my problem and indicated the type of surgery I would have to undergo. However, we decided to approach the problem with oxygen-ozone therapy sessions combined with physiotherapy – a solution that paid off for months, until I had a relapse that led me to surgery.

    I approached this new surgery with confidence and positivity thanks to my excellent relationship with the doctor, his manner with his patients, and due to his extensive experience and knowledge.

    Last June 24, I underwent osteoligamentous and radicular decompression surgery for a large expelled hernia at L5-S1, in addition to lumbosacral arthrodesis for degenerative disc disease complicated by 1st level listesis, and by the following morning I was walking and doing exercises.

    I must say that now I feel much better, the pains have disappeared and my posture has improved, but above all, I have the prospect of returning to a normal life.

    Among Dr. Capuano’s most important strengths are his passion and determination to make his patients heal.

    Thanks also to Marinella, who was always kind and helpful.

  6. Anna Mambretti says:

    A heartfelt thank-you for having improved my life… I was operated on 6 July 2020, at the Ivrea Eporediese Clinic by Dr. Christian Capuano. He operated on me for an unstable congenital spondylolisthesis of the spine, at level L5-S1, which was complicated by disc disease. My problem caused me to experience pressure and pain in the back that stretched down my right leg inflaming my sciatic nerve.

    I was referred to him by a dear friend, who was operated on by him in February, and I was enchanted by his calmness in dealing with such an intricate operation. So, I decided to continue with him even though I had set up some appointments with other specialists; while he examined me he clearly and meticulously explained my problem and the steps of the operation I was going to have to face. I was reassured by his positive attitude and he gave me confidence with his many descriptive details. His passion for his work was evident and he had the confidence that comes from a lot of experience. I think the doctor was born to be a neurosurgeon, you can see it in his shining eyes when he speaks; you see pure joy and satisfaction in them. He was eager to help me feel better.

    I had a series of oxygen-ozone injections as preoperative preparation with the physiotherapist, Riccardo Bocca. The surgery, in which the Dr. Francesco Carnini also took part, involved the decompression of L5-S1 on the right side, TLIF and stabilization with screws and bars with microsurgical technique in both spinal and general anesthesia. (I must say that Christian left a barely perceptible scar with his meticulous and flawless hand.)

    Regarding the human aspect of Christian Capuano… Once the surgery was over, I woke up in the post-operative room with a caress and a handshake, then he took care to notify my partner immediately in order to explain how it had all gone; after a few hours, he passed by again to make sure of my condition… so much pampering and attention. He had his secretary Marinella call me several times to make sure that everything was going well. I want to thank the whole team of the Eporediese Clinic for their kindness, seriousness and efficiency, starting with Fausto, Alessio, the anesthetist, Dr. Carnini, and all the nurses. Thanks to Marinella for her kindness and patience in always cheering us up. Thanks to Riccardo for physically preparing me for the surgery, but I will never stop thanking Christian Capuano for the excellence and precision of his work… ANNA

  7. Panzeri Carlo says:

    Good morning,
    I am an eighty-six-year old who last week underwent an operation for stenosis at the Bra’ Clinic Nursing Home, by Dr. Capuano; I underwent spinal anesthesia and microsurgical technique for osteoligamentous decompression, a foraminotomy and right side L4-L5 interspinous arthrodesis. The surgery went very well; the next morning I was on my feet.
    I would like to point out that I’ve never met a doctor like Dr. Capuano; he puts you at ease, treats you like a family member, and stays in touch, even after the surgery.
    Thanks Dr. Capuano, you gave me my life back!
    My compliments also go to Marinella, who is always attentive, kind and smiling with the doctor’s patients.
    A warm goodbye,
    Carlo Panzeri and family

  8. Ricardo Melchor says:

    In Dr. Capuano’s office I never felt like just a client, but was always treated with great attention and empathy. Now that I am better, after almost a year of severe pain due to my herniated disc, I can say that I am truly grateful for his help.
    I highly recommend him to anyone who has similar problems.

  9. Mariella Dominioni says:

    Hello, my name is Mariella. I went to Dr. Capuano in July 2019 for help with a back problem.
    Such a kind doctor… besides being a great professional, he is above all a person of great humanity and sensitivity. After a few sessions of oxygen-ozone therapy and the skill of Riccardo, who treated me with physiotherapy for a few months, my life has completely changed.
    Also, many thanks to Marinella, who is always kind and help

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