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  1. Daniela says:

    I’m Daniela, and I’ve known ‘MY’ Dr. Christian Capuano for many years. He operated on my dad some time ago and was the only one who took the responsibility of doing it. He got him back on his feet after just three days.
    Then, he started following me and my cervical problems. Last week I underwent surgery at the Città di Bra Clinic and everything went well. Despite my initial fear when the doctor explained the operation to me, I immediately felt reassured and in excellent hands, so I faced the whole procedure calmly. Dr. Christian Capuano is not only an excellent Neurosurgeon, but a person of indescribable humanity. He speaks to you frankly but with such compassion that you feel completely reassured: This makes him kind of ‘SUPERMAN’.
    Heartfelt thanks to ‘MY’ super Dr. and to his staff. Special thanks to Sabrina, who is always very

  2. Monica Radaelli says:

    After being treated for 8 years at the Galeazzi Hospital for a level 5 discopathy – without beneficial results, I decided to turn to Dr. Capuano. He immediately understood the gravity of my situation. He prescribed oxygen-ozone therapy and painkillers and put me on the list for decompression surgery of the spinal canal and L4/L5 arthrodesis with the interposition of a 9 mm trabeculated titanium interbody cage. Well, 13 days later, I no longer know what back pain is. Goodbye painkillers, morphine and cortisone. I recommend Dr. Capuano to all those patients who have been suffering for years, like me, because he always finds a way to make the pain disappear. He is very kind and makes himself available to his patients. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

  3. Demetrio Chilà says:

    You are an excellent professional who combines competence and experience with considerable conversational empathy! You instil confidence and optimism from the first visit – fundamental elements for starting a decisive therapeutic path! Congratulations to this neurosurgeon, a valid representative of the extraordinary medical specialists of our country.

  4. Barbara Tevere says:

    Thank you, Doctor. In September I had sacroiliac arthrodesis performed by Dr. Capuano at the clinic in Bra. I really have to thank you for the professionalism, and above all the humanity, with which you reassured me before and after the operation; you told me afterwards, in the afternoon when you returned to the clinic, that the operation had gone very well. You are a neurosurgeon with a capital N. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  5. Paolo Carà says:

    A good neurosurgeon must have eagle eyes, be lion-hearted, and have hands like a woman.
    However, Dr. Capuano, besides his surgical abilities, has wonderful people skills and knows how to communicate empathetically.
    His motto, I dare say, is: ‘the person always comes first (which shouldn’t be taken for granted in a physician).
    This rule is followed by all of his staff as well: Sabrina makes sure everything is perfect – from start to finish.
    My grade for the Doctor and his staff: Excellent with honors.
    Thanks for everything.
    Paolo Carà

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