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  1. Arnone Gerlando says:

    Hello, my name is Gerlando and I am 52 years old. I have been suffering from back pain for about 10 years.
    After a first herniated disc operation in 2010, which did not solve my problem, I has sessions of physiotherapy, gymnastics, medicine therapies, etc., for several years.
    In 2017, I met Dr. Capuano when he began treating my wife for lower back pain. During one of her oxygen-ozone therapy sessions, I spoke to the doctor about my problems since my lower back pain was getting worse and was now radiating down my right leg. After undergoing the standard exams, a marked degenerative L4-L5 and L5-S1 level discopathy with stenosis was diagnosed; as such, we agreed that surgery was necessary.
    On January 25, 2019, I had TLIF L4-L5 surgery with stabilisation with screws and bars at levels L4-L5-S1, performed by Dr. Capuano and Dr. Carnini at the Eporediese Clinic in Ivrea. My post-operative period was normal with improvement of symptoms. The x-ray check after 40 days documented the correct positioning of the screws and the cage.
    In May, I had prosthesis surgery on my right knee. During the rehabilitation phase, after about 3 months, I started to suffer from low back pain and pain in my right leg. After a month of physiotherapy sessions, the pain was getting worse and worse.
    After a consultation with Riccardo, the physiotherapist, and Dr. Capuano, I had an X-ray that showed the rupture of the L4 screw on the right side and the dislocation of the cage. This result alarmed the doctor who in quickly set me up for surgery and stabilisation of the cage at the City of Bra Clinic.
    The surgery was performed on November 4, 2019, but intraoperative complications arose because the cage, in dislocating, had affected the dura mater. After four hours of surgery, the surgical team led by Dr. Capuano, managed to repair the damage as much as possible.
    Following this setback, and hoping to ward off any further problems, I returned home on my own two legs. Over the next two weeks, Dr. Capuano and I have seen each other often and been in touch to monitor my situation.
    At this time, I can only say that if I am able walk now it is thanks to you Dr. Capuano. I also thank you because in you I have found an excellent doctor, who has always been very helpful, but above all, in you I have found a great friend.
    I also want to thank Marinella, Riccardo the physiotherapist, Dr. Carnini and the two surgery teams at the clinics in Ivrea and Bra.

  2. Giovenchi Stefano says:

    I think mine was a fairly complicated case, given the numerous previous spinal operations I’ve had (three herniated discs, periduroscopy, radiofrequency and finally, neuro-stimulator implantation), all without positive results.
    Last year, following oxygen-ozone treatments, I decided to undergo the surgery that I have always rejected psychologically: Implantation of a lateral vertebral cage and L3-L4 percutaneous stabilisation. This was performed at the City of Bra Clinic where I was very pleased with the entire staff.
    Today I has my sutures removed and I am already much better.
    A big thank you to my friend Christian Capuano, to Francesco Carnini, who also operated on me, to the whole staff of the clinic, and to Marinella and Riccardo (the physiotherapist who will treat me in the future).
    Sending a big hug!

  3. Serena Bruzzese says:

    Good evening,
    My name is Serena and I’m 48 years old.
    I met Dr. Capuano in June of 2019, upon the advice of my massage therapist, when suffering from very strong pains in my right leg that prevented me from leading a normal life. After viewing my MRI, I was diagnosed with a L/5-S/1 level pathology complicated by a herniated disc. While discussing the situation, the doctor advised me to have oxygen-ozone treatments. When I was finished that therapy, I was back on my feet and back to my normal life again. The pain was completely gone.
    Unfortunately, in October I had a relapse and my very strong pain returned. I was stuck in bed again and desperate. I again turned to Dr. Capuano, who in what for me was an emergency, sustained and put up with me through everything. Considering my situation urgent, he succeeded in finding a place for me in the clinic for the operation he had previously explained to me in case I suffered from persistent pain again. Friday, 15 November I was operated on by the doctor (with spinal anaesthesia) in Ivrea, assisted by Dr. Carnini. Everything went very well, and evening of my surgery I was able to sit down for dinner and walk – without any pain. On Sunday morning, I was discharged!! I want to thank all the staff of the clinic for their kindness, Dr. Carnini for his professionalism and help, and Marinella, who was always there to help everyone. However, I will never be able to thank Christian enough for the humanity, kindness, professionalism and seriousness with which he treated me. Thanks doc. Your constant presence, your texts and your interest in me are things that will not be forgotten.
    PS – today I had my sutures removed. After my rehabilitative physiotherapy, I can only imagine everything from here on in will be downhill. Thanks again!!!

  4. Maria Saltarelli says:

    I am a patient of Dr. Capuano’s. I went to him with a MRI of my spinal column and described my condition which included such strong pains in my legs and back that I was unable to move. His first comment was, your back could be shown to medical students as one of the worst examples possible; so, surgery was unavoidable. I had a series of oxygen-ozone shots and physiotherapy sessions in order to prepare me for surgery. I was operated on in Ivrea by Dr. Capuano and his colleagues, who were all very kind and professional, on the morning of November 15. That same afternoon I got out of bed and walked on my own two legs. The pain I had been suffering from for a year had magically disappeared. What more is there to say? THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

  5. Enrico says:

    Hello, I would like to join those who have found solutions to their pain problems. Certainly, as Dr. Capuano says, he hasn’t a crystal ball to solve all of his patients’ problems, but if a patient takes part in getting better, I believe their pain can be relieved. I had surgery for a herniated disc in 2002, and ever since I have suffered from acute leg and foot pains, which especially tormented me at night. I have seen many specialists about my pain, but nothing has helped.
    Through an acquaintance of mine who spoke well of the doctor, I decided to make an appointment, because ‘in for a penny, in for a pound’.
    After having oxygen-ozone therapy and physiotherapy, I feel good as new and 70% of the pain has disappeared.
    Thanks to Dr. Capuano for his continuous help, and to Marinella for her kindness.

  6. Lidia Salice says:

    Good morning,
    I have been Dr. Capuano’s patient for almost a year. He was recommended to me by my physiotherapist.
    When I started doing therapy with him I complained of pain in both lower limbs, paraesthesia in my left foot and serious difficulty in walking, a consequence of a previous hip replacement surgery that was not followed with proper rehabilitation.
    I must admit that after a series of misadventures I had lost all confidence in doctors and clinics, so my expectations were very low and I was very sceptical about resolving my problems.
    But, now I am able to say that thanks to Dr. Capuano my feelings of serenity and joy for life have returned.
    The pain is definitely more acceptable and walking is becoming a pleasure once again.
    I would highly recommend him to everyone.

  7. Paola Crescimbeni says:

    Hello, I would like to join in with the appreciation of the many people who, like me, have decided to follow Dr. Capuano’s advice to resolve their health problems. I was advised to contact him by a relative who is a physiotherapist and has long known his reputation as a respected and compassionate doctor. After my MRI scan, which showed a L5-S1 level retrolisthesis that was complicated by a herniated disc and foraminal stenosis, I started treatment with oxygen-ozone therapy. Despite my initial improvement, the pain returned after some time and gave me no respite, especially at the level of the sciatic nerve. Therefore, after discussing it with the doctor I decided I needed surgery. I underwent surgery two weeks ago. Everything went as planned by Dr. Capuano: spinal anaesthesia, only two days of hospitalisation and his continuous support. In the operating room, of course, and he also came to make sure how I was, both on the evening of the day of the surgery and next the morning! Today he removed my stitches which gave me the opportunity to reassure him about how well I was feeling and to thank him. I also want to thank the very helpful Marinella, and the staff of the Bra nursing home, where I was treated so well. I know it is strange to say, but I would have gladly stayed there for another couple of days! I strongly recommend Dr. Christian Capuano.

  8. Sarah Montorfano says:

    Good morning everyone.
    In March 2019, I made an appointment with Dr. Capuano hoping to find a solution for pains that had been tormenting me for some time. After discussing my medical history with him, I expected that he would have me do an MRI and then diagnose my back problems. However, the doctor immediately focused his attention on the physiognomy of my face and my body’s posture, diagnosing, without any exams, a problem with the pituitary gland. He could have easily ignored this condition, I was there for back pain, instead he immediately referred me to the best specialist in the area and explained what my next steps should be.
    Dr. Capuano stayed in close contact with me in the subsequent, difficult pre-and post-operative periods, and it is only thanks to him that my life expectancy is much more encouraging now than it would have been if he had not diagnosed me with an adenoma during that first visit.
    Now I am having oxygen-ozone treatment, and each ozone therapy session has been transformed into a moment of comfort for me (and my loved ones), thanks to the doctor’s neurosurgical expertise and his advice regarding my continuing therapy and which specialists I should contact.
    Although he often tells me that patients like me motivate him in his work, the truth is that Dr. Capuano has been a sort of “guardian angel” for me…
    Thank you so much!

  9. Albertina Guazzaloca says:

    Hello!! Today, November 13, 2019, is at last a good day, even a great day – after having the sutures from my surgery removed by the precious Dr. Capuano. I’ll spare you the list of my many serious problems, but want to say that since 2012, they have affected my life in important ways. A dear friend who I saw in October 2018, saw me still suffering after many useless and lengthy therapies – rubbish that had been proposed to me by all kinds of doctors, and recommended I go see the doctor in Via Carloni, in Como. Please understand that I have seen doctors in Pavia, Varese, Cantù, and many other places that I don’t even remember. At the appointment with Dr. Capuano, lasting about an hour, he very clearly explained the therapy I needed; oxygen-ozone therapy, physiotherapy and possibly lumbar arthrodesis surgery, which eventually became unavoidable, given my stenosis and articular facets syndrome. In the end, I was admitted to the excellent and well-staffed Ivrea clinic and operated on by Dr. Capuano, who visited me early in the morning. I saw him again right before my surgery in the operating theatre with his colleague Dr. Carnini. The operation, which lasted three hours, was successful, with normal post-operative discomfort and a walk in the clinic’s corridor the following day. Soon I will begin post-operative physiotherapy in the doctor’s office and I am very optimistic that I will soon reach the goal I’ve been wanting to reach for years!! A warm THANK YOU to Dr. Christian, who is a friend and not only a doctor, to my physiotherapist Riccardo, and last but not least, to dear Marinella, who, with infinite patience, uses her magic wand to grant us patients our hour of physical and mental well-being. A big affectionate hug to all of you from Albertina and Maurizio. Thanks again.

  10. Ennio says:

    Hello, I must be very unlucky… (reading all of these positive comments). At the beginning of April, I had back pain and went to my physiotherapist, who, after two visits, sent me to Dr. Capuano. According to my physiotherapist I had a herniated disc, although it was not visible in the x-ray, and Dr. Capuano could order an MRI and fully understand the situation. On May 20, I saw Dr. Capuano, who, from just the x-ray already understood my problem. After seeing me for just 15 minutes he suggested oxygen-ozone therapy!
    After 4-5 sessions, the pain was the same (maybe a bit less), and the doctor reassured me by saying that the pain was not expected to suddenly disappear, but to get better over time! I continued with the treatments and after the eighth oxygen-ozone session my pain was at the same level. At this point, Dr. Capuano prescribed an MRI… by then it was almost 20 July! Meanwhile, Dr. Capuano told me that there was a chance that in two weeks’ time the pain would lessen (due to the treatments).
    I went on holiday on 8 August and the pain increased instead of decreasing as the doctor had said!!! After 10 days, I decided to return home (I was having difficulty walking and standing). I found a place to have a private MRI (so what? I’m the one paying…) and after 4 months I still didn’t know what my problem was!!!
    On 4 September, I returned to Dr. Capuano with the exam results (‘herniated disc’) who looked at the MRI and told me I have stenosis! (Requiring surgery.) I told the doctor how unhappy I was with this situation… and he responded that he didn’t have a crystal ball to know if ozone could have helped (true) but that he did have a crystal ball to tell me I didn’t have a tumour… and that there was no rush to have the MRI (after 4 months it was not important to know what I had, according to him). I then told Dr. Capuano how my holidays had gone and he responded with a small laugh… saying, “it’s not my fault that in August so few people are working” (in order to have the MRI exam done) – but, all four consultations I’ve had have confirmed that I have a herniated disc!!
    On 11 November, I returned to Dr. Capuano who said that he would have operated on me!! And he added that the hernia would not have been a problem for him, because when he operates he takes care of all the problems he finds!! I still don’t understand what he would have done… In the previous comments, many people tell of their satisfaction and pleasure working with Dr. Capuano…but I hope to never see him again!!!! Good-bye.

  11. Lorenzo Citella says:

    In March 2019, following the advice of friends who were operated on by Dr. Capuano, I made an appointment at the Como office. At the first appointment, I noticed something different from all the other doctor’s visits I had undergone; the 360˚ examination of a patient and their problem. This had always been missing in the other medical visits I had had with important “gurus”, but with Dr. Capuano I received a comprehensive examination. I was able to open up with him due to the climate of genuine interest in my situation that I perceived! After a thorough visit we discussed the best options about how to proceed, and how to avoid some of the possible, but often useless and expensive therapies available… After a couple of months of treatments, evaluation and physiotherapy, all carefully followed by the doctor, my problem had not been solved, unfortunately. Due to my condition – cervical vertebral stenosis – I was unable to use my right arm and shoulder, and the doctor and I agreed that surgery was necessary. I was able to have the surgery (paid for by the National Health System) at the Bra (CN) clinic on October 23, thanks to the mediation of Dr. Capuano and the very kind Marinella. Everything was excellent there; the staff, their organisation, and their overall assistance. After 3 days of hospitalisation, I am now in post-operative treatment with Dr. Capuano, just ‘Christian’ now. The surgery was a complete success and I am recovering gradually. Today, sixteen days after the operation I have almost complete use of my right arm again. In conclusion… thank you for welcoming me as your patient, and for having monitored my progress so well. I have been treated like a PERSON and not just as a patient/client. Now I’m in the process of total recovery.
    Highly recommended 5/5!

  12. Silvia says:

    I want to thank Dr. Capuano for solving the problem that has been tormenting me for some time. I was satisfied with the clinic, where very kind nurses and staff treated me well, but, what pleased me the most was Dr. Capuano himself. He was exceptional professionally, and was always helpful and available for consultation. It is hard for me to describe him fully, because I’ve never met a doctor like him. I also want to thank Dr. Carnini, who was very kind and professional, and Marinella, who was always helpful and kind. I’m a person of few words, but I really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  13. Marco Zanaglio says:

    A warm thank you to Dr. Capuano for taking care of my problem. After a few sessions of oxygen-ozone therapy I still had to have surgery due to the seriousness of my case. Specifically, a herniated disc at level L5-S1, which had migrated upwards and was complicated by foraminal stenosis.
    My symptoms included back pain and blockage of my leg (with pins and needles radiating to my toes).
    The evening of the day of the operation I was helped out of bed and walked easily, without feeling any of my old pains. Not only is he an exceptional professional, who is extremely skilled, but he is a very genuine person who takes his patients into his heart, a very rare gift nowadays.
    Thank you, Doc, I feel as if I am in the best possible hands under your care.

  14. Valerio says:

    A heartfelt thanks to Dr. Capuano, who is not only highly skilled, but who has followed me carefully along the path from diagnosis to surgery and subsequent rehabilitation. Only three weeks have passed since my decompression and lumbar fusion surgery and I already feel a lot better. My trust in Dr. Capuano allows me to feel at peace about the future. Thanks also to Marinella, who has always been so helpful and efficient!

  15. Beatrice says:

    I am 22 years old and do athletics. I am on the Italian national team. Blocked by an unbearable pain in my back, I was tossed from one physiotherapist to another (for 6 months) without results, until I went to see Dr. Capuano. In just 10 minutes he was able to give me causes, consequences and possible solutions for my back pain. He was extremely professional, friendly and so confident that it was impossible not to trust him. Now, one month after the operation, which was totally successful, I cannot help but thank the doctor. Thank you, thank you so much because now I can jump again!
    I also want to thank Marinella for her help, kindness, for having always finding a time for me to see the doctor.

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